DKT collaboration with NGOs & Social Societies

DKT collaboration with NGOs & Social Societies to maximize the benefits and achieve our goals:

DKT made a successful and fruitfull collaboration with “Rotary Club” to help women in rural village in Al-Fayoum called (Kahk Bahary) to know more about family planning benefits and the available contraceptive methods. The event was held in the medical center of the village where we provided our services through a Gynecology Clinic and also Mobile Family Planning Clinic to help women to get the free contraceptive methods. We, as DKT, has provided free Pregna IUDs and also free Fiesta condoms.We started the event with a seminar for women, talking about different contraceptive methods, how and when to use them & the precautions of usage. Then we’d distributed “Aman Educational flyers” for more info. about condoms, IUDs, EC & VFT.