1. Q: How can I order from dkt-shop.com?

    1. You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to cart, login and go through the ordering process. After the order is ready, you will receive order summary to your email. Order summary will also be stored to your account.

  2. Q: Why should I buy online?

    1. Speeding up the process. By ordering online you will get prices faster and you will be able to go through order confirmation and payment process much faster. This could save days of your time.

    2. Traceability: You will have easy access to all of your previous orders any time you want.

  3. Q: What information should I input when ordering?

    1. Our online ordering system will ask for all the important information you should submit. Information will depend on your profession whether you are a health care provider or trader.

  4. Q: What payment methods can I use?

    1. You can use cash on delivery or payment through Masary.com.

  5. Q: Is VAT charged?

    1. VAT is charged as per country rules and regulations.

  6. Q: How can I change delivery address?

    1. Sign in to your account and go to “my account”. On “my account” you can edit all your contact information, or add new address to be saved to your account.

  7. Q: What are the delivery charges?

    1. Delivery charges are dependent on some factors, mainly the city of your addressand the weight of your shipment. You can see the shipping fees on the checkout process before the payment is made.

  8. Q: Can I cancel my order?

    1. If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible. If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us and return the product as per our refund policy.

  9. Q: Do I have to order online?

    1. You can also send your order through WhatsApp number +2 01028001282 or by calling.

    2. Online ordering is preferred in most cases because by ordering online, you will save time, you will have easier payment process and all the information about the order will be accessible for you anytime.

  10. Q: Do you have the product in stock?

    1. All the products which are shown on our site are available. Order lead time depends the destination of your address.

  11. Q: Can I return a product?

    1. If you want to return a product, please check refund policy.

Your account

  1. Q: How can I create an account?

    1. Go to this page  https://dkt-shop.com/ and click “login”, choose Register then just fill in all the needed information and click “create”.  After submitting the form, your account will be confirmed through an email sent to your active e-mail account identified

  2. Q: How can I retrieve my password?

    1. You can retrieve your password by clicking “forgot password?”.

  3. Q: How do I change my personal details or email address?

    1. You can easily change all your information on your account.  Go to login page (https://dkt-shop.com/) and log in, then click “edit my info”. Here you can change all your contact information.

  4. Q: Security

    1. Our web store is secured with SSL certificate. This means the information you input is encrypted and it will not be available for third parties.


  1. Q: Can I track my order?

    1. Yes, you can track your order easily. Go to login page (https://dkt-shop.com/) and log in, then click “my orders”. You will have all details about your orders.

  2. Q: Shipping cost?

    1. Shipping costs are dependent on your location and weight of products on your order. Our online store shows the shipping fee and shipping cost automatically on the checkout.

  3. Q: Changing the shipping address?

    1. You can easily change your shipping address on your account. You just need to login and click “edit my Info”.